2007 News
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April 4th, 2007

No news yet, but the first walks are posted.


DEC 9, 2006

Mushroom season is over.  Get over it.  Go skiing.

See you for morel hunting in may.

-Proff. McGinty 3



 August 4, 2006

John Wheeler has agreed to respond to e-mails sent to BMS.  The automatic response from the BMS address:


will give you John's e-mail address



July 31, 2006

 BMS ends all forms of communication other than the website!

The era of e-mail is over!

Below is a copy of the last e-mail sent out to BMS members


Dear BMS members:

Please Bookmark the link below:




This page of our website, entitled “Upcoming BMS Mushroom Hunts,” contains the full schedule of mushroom hunts for the rest of the year.




You will need to check the website to keep informed of upcoming hikes, or print out the page for your records.  The e-mail list will no longer be used or maintained.  Here are some things you should know.


1        “The Screaming Toadstool” is a link to a bulletin board.  Members can use it to exchange information.


2         The club e-mail address will feature an automatic response stating that no one is currently willing to respond to e-mail.  If someone would like to respond to e-mails, let me know and the automatic response will be changed to direct people to you.


3        Our $30 NAMA dues are due on January 1st, 2007.  I will no longer be dealing with this.  If someone else would like to collect contributions and take care of this, please feel free.  Otherwise, it will not be done.

That’s it.  The club is now set up to run by itself. 

See you all in the woods!